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Frequently Asked Questions about Denmark Western Australia

The Where? How? What? & Why? of Denmark WA

Where is Denmark, Western Australia?

Denmark Western Australia is located on the south coast of Western Australia, 415km south of Perth via the Albany Highway/State Route 30. The Town of Denmark is nestled on the northern shores of the Wilson Inlet and along the banks of the Denmark River.
Denmark Western Australia Post Office

How do I get from Perth to Denmark, Western Australia?

To get to Denmark Western Australia from Perth, take the Albany Highway / State Route 30 from Armadale and head SOUTH for 380km (4hrs 15 mins) to Mount Barker. Then turn RIGHT at the roundabout at Mount Barker, then LEFT onto the Denmark-Mount Barker Road (25 mins).  One final RIGHT turn onto South Coast Highway / National Route 1, and in 4 minutes you'll arrive in Denmark WA!

Travelling to Denmark WA is only PRACTICAL by car/bus. It is possible to fly from Perth to Albany, and drive west along South Coast Hwy / State Rt 1 for 55km to reach Denmark Town. Unfortunately, there are no train services to the south coast.

What is the fastest/quickest way to get from Perth to Denmark Western Australia?

The fastest, most practical way to get from Perth to Denmark WA is to DRIVE (4.5hrs).

Yes, you can fly from Perth Airport to Albany (55km east of Denmark WA) then take a bus, however between layover times and bus transit schedules it is likely to take a LOT longer to get here than driving. AND, your freedom of movement and ability to explore will be VERY limited if you arrive in Denmark on foot, as almost everything in Denmark WA is set away from town.

Why is the town of Denmark WA called 'Denmark'?

In 1826, Dr Thomas Braidwood Wilson (the 'Wilson' Inlet eponym) was the  first European explorer to discover the area. In his capacity as a member of the British Royal Navy, he named the town after his esteemed colleague Alexander Denmark.  Our beloved Wilson Inlet, the kilometres wide inlet at the mouth of the Denmark river, bears his name. Read more on the HISTORY of Denmark WA.
Denmark WA RSL Hall

How far is Denmark, WA from Albany WA?

Denmark is 55 kilometres WEST of Albany along National Route 1 / South Coast Highway. Alternatively, take the Lower Denmark Road through Marbelup, Torbay and Youngs Siding for a beautiful way to drive to Denmark from Albany (and vice versa). Google Map Directions here:

How far is Albany WA from Denmark WA?

The City of Albany is 55 kilometres EAST of Denmark Town along National Route 1 / South Coast Highway. Alternatively, take the Lower Denmark Road through Marbelup, Torbay and Youngs Siding for a beautiful way to drive to Albany. Visit The Gap while you're there! Google Map Directions:

Is Denmark WA a good place to live?

Yes, Denmark Western Australia is a wonderful place to live! The 5000 plus residents of Denmark tend to call it the nicest place on earth. With a mild Mediterranean climate, white sandy beaches, forrested rolling hills, abundant wildlife and pleasant people, Denmark WA is one of the nicest places to live in Western Australia (in the world!). With several primary school options, and Denmark High School, education is well catered for. There are several churches in town, many parks and walks, and a vibrant, fun-loving community.

Are there FREE things to do in Denmark WA?

Yes, there are dozens of places in and around Denmark WA that are family-friendly and FREE. Take a walk or bike along the coast, visit one of several white sandy beaches, stroll through the ancient forrest canopies of the southern forests. There is plenty to do in Denmark WA that is FREE:
Free Things to do in Denmark WA

Are the beaches in Denmark WA nice?

YES! The beaches along the Denmark Western Australia section of the south coast of Western Australia are VERY nice.  White, sandy beaches with turqoise waters await. Ocean Beach is manned by the Denmark Surf Club during the holidays. Greens Pool in William Bay National Park, Lights Beach and Elephant Cove are the undisputed favourite beaches of Denmark Western Australia.

What National Parks are in Denmark WA?

There are two National Parks easily accessible via 2wd vehicles in Denmark Western Australia. 1) William Bay National Park (14km west of Denmark Town) and, 2) Walpole Wilderness Area (55km west of Denmark Town) along the South Coast Highway.

Where is the Valley Of The Giants Treetop Walk?

The Valley Of The Giants Treetop Walk and Ancient Empires Walk is located in Denmark Western Australia 55km west of Denmark Town along the South Coast Highway. The Wilderness Discovery Centre and Treetop Walk are in the Walpole Wilderness Area of the great southern forests.  View a MAP and get DIRECTIONS to the Valley of the Giants plus more informatIon here: VALLEY OF THE GIANTS or Denmark WA Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk.

Is the Valley Of The Giants the same as the Treetop Walk?

Yes, The Valley Of The Giants is the name of the location for the Treetop Walk and the Wilderness Discovery Centre. Located in Denmark Western Australia, 55km west of Denmark Town along the South Coast Highway.
Treetop Walk same as Valley of the Giants Denmark WA

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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