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Forest Walks in Denmark WA

Exploring the forests of Denmark WA

Denmark is immersed in forests of all sizes and types. The native bush has been home to these sentinels long before us, and a walk among their canopy is revitalising to the spirit.  The Karri, Tingle, Jarrah, Sheoak forests revitalise our biosphere - so please, walk gently.

Denmark's Harewood Forest along the Scotsdale Road Tourist Drive in Denmark is a delightful trail through the karri trees allowing you to learn the history of the logging industry (via small signs) as you go.

In the Southern Forests you will find some of the most ancient trees in the world. The Giant Tingle Tree canopy can be viewed close-up at the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk at the Walpole Wilderness Discovery Centre west of Denmark.

The region's vegetation includes both towering karri and giant tingle but also includes seven hundred native species of plants and trees, making it one of the top ten areas of terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. (Aahh! It's fresh, fresh air.)

Of course the Bibbulmun Track, the world-class long-distance walking trail which stretches from Perth (the capital of Western Australia, 450km north-west) to Albany (the old capital and founding city) just 50km east of Denmark Town.

Karri Trees in Denmark WA

The south-west of Western Australia is special.

Luc Longley speaks out for the forests:

Basketball legend, Luc Longley came down to a forest blockade in 1997 and spent a night up a karri tree. We remember him being so tall, it was like half of him was hanging off the end of the platform and he had to have his figure 8 locked as he came down so that he didn't descend too fast. Here he is, 24 years on, speaking truth to power about the incredible value of our South West forests.

Posted by WA Forest Alliance on Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Bushwalking  in Denmark Western Australia

Bushwalking is a popular activity in Denmark WA whether you're a local or visitor. The short and long walks in and around Denmark Town, the river and the 'mountains' are extraordinary, and are mostly through the beautiful and special forests. Ensure you're PREPARED when going on short or long walks. This video is GREAT. Have a watch >>

The advice from the Parks and Wildlife Service, and from all of us, is to MINIMISE YOUR IMPACT.  This means; sticking to established trails, plan and prepare, and BE SAFE and courteous.  This way you stay safe while enjoying your walk and can focus on enjoying yourself.  Here's a few useful links: PARKS: SAFETY, PARKS: PLAN AHEAD 

What are the best Forest Walks in Denmark, Western Australia?

Bibbulmun Track Forest Walk

There are several more popular forest walks in Denmark Western Australia for the novice or experienced walker in and around Denmark Town and along the Wilson Inlet, and long-distance walks which span for days. The Bibbulmun Track (long-distance) and the Mokare Heritage Trail (short, easy trail) along the Denmark River are the most popular. Here are the others:

Harewood Forest Trail, Denmark, Western Australia Harewood Forest
Harewood Forest is an almost 1.5k walk through the forest. The stream at the end is the turn-around point. Filled with information on history, flora & fauna. Learn as you walk. Visit Harewood Forest
Mokare Heritage Trail, Western Australia Mokare Heritage Trail
The Mokare Heritage Trail winds along the east side of the Denmark River between the Denmark Traffic Bridge (along South Coast Hwy) and the Heritate Rail Bridge @ the rivermouth. Visit the Mokare Heritage Trail
Denmark Heritage Rail Bridge, Western Australia Heritage Rail Trail, Denmark
Start at the historic Rail Bridge is easily accessed from Denmark Town driving south along the river (Hollings Drive) at the river Bridge. Walk or family bike the Heritage Rail Trail.
Monkey Rock Western Australia Monkey Rock
Monkey Rock has spectacular views of William Bay Nat. Park, Ratcliffe Bay and the Nullaki Peninsula. 4 km return hike from is quite an climb, be prepared. Visit Monkey Rock.

Long Distance Walks

Walks in Denmark Western Australia Walks & Trails
There are walks all throughout the Denmark coast. Hike the Bibbulmun, ride the Munda Biddi, walk through the forests and rivers. Visit the Walks & Trails in Denmark WA.
Waugal Bibbulmun Track, Denmark WA The Bibbulmun Track
Winding through the heart of Denmark, WA, the 'Waugal' is the symbol and trail marker of the Track. Visit the Bibbulmun Track


Denmark WA Map Denmark Region Map
All the sights around Denmark including the Denmark Town, Wilson Inlet, William Bay National Park, The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk and more... Visit Denmark Regional MAP
William Bay MAP Western Australia William Bay National Park MAP
There is a detailed, satellite map below, however Elephant Cove is on the William Bay National ParK MAP if you want to compare it with other locations.
Denmark WA Beaches Map: Visting Western Australia Denmark Beaches Map
From William Bay National Park in the West, Ocean Beach, Ligts Beach and Nullaki Peninsula. Visit the Denmark Beaches Map
Whale Watching, Albany, WA National Parks Map
A Map with the National Parks of the Coast listed. Change the view to see the region by satellite. Visit the National Parks Map

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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