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Ready to explore the natural wonders of Denmark? Embark on a journey of awe-inspiring beauty by visiting this stunning destination. Denmark is located on the South West Coast of Western Australia, 400 Kilometres south east of Perth, in the Great Southern Region, along the Rainbow Coast of WA. Denmark has natural attractions galore and a mild climate all year round making it the perfect destination for your south coast holiday. Ideally set, it's one of the nicest places in Western Australia.

Magnificent, iconic, beautiful...

The towering forests seamlessly blend into immaculate white sandy beaches, extending over the ancient rocks and meeting the breathtaking Southern Ocean.

Nestled along the winding bend of the Denmark River, a heritage trail takes you on a scenic walk towards the river mouth, passing by the historic rail bridge and offering a serene view of the river gracefully merging with the Wilson Inlet.

Nature enthusiasts are drawn to Denmark for its unspoiled beaches, top-notch hiking trails, abundant wildlife, rolling terrain, majestic tall trees, and vibrant wildflowers.

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World Class Walking & Biking Trails

There are many walks and trails in and around Denmark. Stroll through ancient forests, wander past still waters, walk along the ocean's edge, hike through the bushland, gaze from cliffs, climb mountains and boulders, play in the park lands, watch for whales and splash on the beaches. The walks are awe inspiring, with so many different scenic backdrops from which to choose.

For the adventurers

The Denmark Region offers a wide variety of outdoor activities to suit every taste and preference. From biking and hiking to running, climbing, paragliding, and globeriding, visitors can explore the natural landscape and challenge themselves at their own pace. For those who love the water, there are opportunities for canoeing, boating, surfing, fishing and swimming.

The world famous Bibbulmun Track winds right through the heart of Denmark offering magnificent scenery on a well maintained walking trail with sleeping huts and basic facilities along the way.

The Denmark Region offers a range of outdoor activities, including biking on the Munda Biddi Trail, surfing lessons on Ocean Beach, and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Greens Pool. Visitors can also sample local delicacies like honey and cheese, and explore the region's thriving wine industry, known as the Denmark Wine Region.

Natural Biosphere Reserves

Denmark, a region of terrestrial bio diversity. Nestled in the southwestern corner of Western Australia lies Denmark, a region teeming with terrestrial biodiversity. Renowned as one of the top nine terrestrial habitats in the world, Denmark boasts an exceptional concentration of endemic species that cannot be found elsewhere. The stunning wildflowers that adorn the landscape are a sight to behold, showcasing an explosion of colour and beauty that is unique to this region. Meanwhile, the fauna in Denmark is equally remarkable, with a plethora of unique species that have made this region their home. It's no wonder that Denmark has become a mecca for nature lovers seeking to immerse themselves in the wonders of the natural world. With its unparalleled terrestrial biodiversity, Denmark is a destination that simply cannot be missed.

Incredible Natural Beauty

Thanks to the offshore Leeuwin Current the area numbers in the top six regions for marine bio diversity, containing the most southerly coral reefs in the world. Visit our Birds & Wildflowers page for more.

The incredible natural beauty of the Denmark River region offers year-round delights for everyone.  The paths, tracks and trails along the coast all pass by Denmark Town, creating a hub of hikers, bikers, walkers, riders and lovers of the outdoors.

Rivers the Inlet and the Ocean

The Wilson Inlet is fed from the Denmark, Hay and Sleeman Rivers and can be easily viewed less than a kilometre south of town at the Denmark rivermouth. The inlet is almost fifty square kilometres of water and is roughly 14 km long (east-west) and 4km wide (north south).

Amazing photo taken by Mike Neunuebel for Rainbow Coast Web Design, used by Amazing South Coast (without permission), decision pending...

The AMAZING view of the coast of Western Australia is a beautiful place to explore by air. This photo represents the RAINBOW COAST of Western Australia, as amazing as it is to share this place the integrity of photographers should be respected.

Place of the Black Swan

The Wilson Inlet is separated from the sea by Nullaki Peninsula, and where the peninsula and headland meet, at Ocean Beach, a sandbar separates the inlet from the ocean. Each year the sandbar is breached at Prawn Rock Channel creating a wide channel to the ocean as the Inlet discharges. The inlet is a sanctuary for Black Swans and has been for hundreds of years. Denmark, is known to the aboriginal community as 'Koorabup' actually means 'place of the Black Swan'.

Historic and Modern; Denmark Town

Denmark Town; friendly, historic, beautiful

The happy and peaceful locals are very welcoming of visitors creating a wonderfully friendly small-town atmosphere that will having you returning time and time again. It is one of the most historic, stylish and most naturally beautiful destinations in the world.


The Town was formed around 1895, when a high demand for timber from Europe and around the world and the nearby goldrush kept the sawmills in Denmark busy. Today Denmark's is a peaceful town of around 5000. The economy is sustained by a combination of tourism, dairy and cattle farming, fishing and the arts.

Denmark Town

Denmark town centre is peaceful, with no traffic lights and a host of wonderful places to shop as well as delightfully delicious restaurants and cafes. Denmark is home to artisans, so everywhere you see evidence of their creativity dotted around!

The ambiance is relaxed and with everything is so close together it is possible to park in one spot and meander through town leisurely. The cafe's and shops are a delight to browse around.

Shopping in Denmark WA

Denmark town centre has the beautiful vibe that it does because the business owners make it so!

When visiting Denmark please buy from the local shops! Denmark's local stores offer you something different. The alluring gift shops entice you with objets d'art and the boutiques beckon you to the stylish trendy clothing and accessories.

You can find most of what you need shopping in Denmark. You can buy fresh produce, including organic and spray-free food from several boutique shops in Denmark Town.

Shopping in Denmark WA

Where is Denmark, Western Australia?

Denmark Western Australia is located on the south coast of Western Australia, 415km south of Perth via the Albany Highway/State Route 30. The Town of Denmark is nestled on the northern shores of the Wilson Inlet and along the banks of the Denmark River.

Celebrating the Arts in Denmark WA

Art is everywhere in Denmark WA!

This eco-friendly tidy town is alive with culture and the arts. The diverse range of locals make this a colourful and fun place to be. There are festivals held annually including the Festival of Voice and Brave New Works. Denmark Village Theatre stages an annual pantomine and we have a Christmas Parade. There is a vibrant music scene with many local artists performing in venues around town and further afield.

Denmark Arts Festival of Voice

Each year at the end May, beginning of June, Denmark hosts the Festival of Voice. Local, National and International artists come together in Denmark to celebrate the power and beauty of the human voice through song, story telling and spoken word. Immerse yourself in the captivating musical journey of the Denmark Festival of Voice. From classical to contemporary, choral to comedy, indie to Indigenous, and gypsy to jazz, this eclectic event offers a vibrant mix of genres that will delight and inspire.

Denmark Arts Markets
Denmark Arts Markets
Denmark Arts Markets
Denmark Arts Markets

Year-round Arts Events

Music, dance, art and theatre are celebrated year round! There are many talented local artists with studios in Denmark, several have open studios at the Old Butter Factory in town. There are also many excellent alternative and complementary holistic practitioners in many modalities, making this a great retreat for healing or recuperation.

Events & Community

Berridge Park is the main public park area in Denmark town centre and it is located on the river's edge. There is a children's playground, including a fenced in area for toddlers, with ample seating around.

The delightful gazebos and picnic benches give plenty of choice for alfresco dining and the huge trees offer plenty of shade during the hot summer months!

There are BBQ facilities for your use and clean toilets. Boating and water activities of all types are popular pastimes. There is a basketball court at one end and walking trails in both directions. Many mature and glorious trees shade the centre of the park and there are tables for a delightful picnic.

There is also a dock for mooring boats at the park if you're out exploring the river on your vessel.

Denmark Civic Centre, Denmark WA Denmark Arts Markets, Denmark WA Denmark Civic Centre, Denmark WA

Parks for kids near town

There is a Nature Adventure Park located along the river to the north of the Denmark Road Bridge filled with wonderful natural climbing opportunities for children of all ages. It is aligned with the eco-nature of the residents of Denmark.

Denmark Thrills is home to a unique and thrilling adventure that you won't find anywhere else in Australia! It's the world's longest globe-riding track! See kangaroos up close and cuddle a joey at the Denmark Animal Farm. Hold a snake or let a parrot sit on your shoulder at Dinosaur World!

There are plenty of activities around town. The well established Denmark Country Club offers an 18 hole 72 par golf course and tennis courts. The Bowling Club is central to town and popular with the locals and the Recreation Centre is available for leisure pursuits as well as a gym.

There is a Dragon Boat Club and a Surf Life Saving Club in town and craft groups such as the spinners, woodturners and quilters sharing their many talents with the community.

Muttonbird Island near Denmark, Western Australia

Beaches of Denmark Western Australia

Learn to surf and experience the thrill of the ocean. Denmark is known for its gorgeous beaches, and all throughout the Denmark Coast, the beaches are easily accessible and incredibly gorgeous. Soft white sand, clear blue water, fresh air, beautiful and peaceful surrounding, water and ocean sports of all types... the beaches around the Denmark Region are reflective of all the best points about life in Australia!

Ocean Beach is the most popular surfing beach and the home of South Coast Surfing Lessons and Mike Neunuebel's surf instruction school. Friendly, passionate, informative and fabulous with children and perfect for a beginner. Mike is an accredited instructor in surfing and ocean awareness.

Above: Ocean Beach, Denmark

Current Weather in Denmark WA

Moon times for Stargazing in Denmark WA

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Denmark Western Australia on the South Coast of Western Australia is part of a national biosphere area and deserves our care and respect. Please try to be responsible for your environmental impact when visiting Denmark WA.

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